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Check out this crazy guy!!!!
While my buddy Ethan and I were fishing on a local PUBLIC lake, a fellow “angler” decided we were fishing too close to him. Even though we were clearly fishing that stretch of timber before him. As we approached each other, he proceeded to throw his jig right up next to my boat. Taking the hint, I began moving away from him and into the other side of the stretch of trees, while he didn’t budge. I then began fishing the backside of the trees, while he was fishing the front. We were still at least 25 yards away from each other. I guess he thought he owned that stretch of timber and began running his mouth about how “disrespectful” I am being. I wasn’t looking to start a fight so I explained that I was moving away from him and that I apologize. Even though it was his fault. He continued to run his mouth about me fishing to close to him and after a few short moments of exchanging words, he threatens to knock me out of my own boat. That was the turning point for me. We then began arguing more aggressively, as I explained to him he doesn’t own the water, and that this is public fishing waters. We then passed each other, traveling opposite ways, and he decides to turn around and come back towards me, casting towards my boat once again. I then ask him politely where he is going to fish so I don’t disturb him. He replies “all over the f**king lake”. I then ask him where he would like me to fish. He then replies “I am going to be up your ass all night since you want to be disrespectful”. Once we get done arguing I begin fishing in the opposite direction as him. After a few minutes of fishing I fire up the big motor and drive out of the creek and begin fishing trees on the main lake. About 10 minutes later he drives past us going well over 5mph (the speed limit) creating a large wake right where we are fishing, but neither one of us said a word. Later that night we begin fishing the dam of the lake. Right as we pull up to the dam, “he” fires up his motor and drives right in front of us and begins fishing less than 50 yards away. After a couple minutes of fishing I fire up my motor and move further down the bank. Just as I shut off my motor and drop the trolling motor he begins driving and again cuts us off and starts fishing in front of us. After this continued to happen through the rest of the evening I decide to leave and go home. What an interesting night of fishing that was! It turns out the guy was charged with shooting his neighbors dog to death 6 years ago, and claims it was self defense even though the dog was in its own yard. Bottom line is this dude is crazy! And I am sure glad he didn’t do something crazy like pull a gun on me! The moral of the story is be careful who you pick fights with on the water. Even though I didn’t start this fight it would have been best if I just ignored him from the beginning and moved to a different spot to fish. Hopefully this video opens your eyes to the crazy people that are out there in our world! Be safe on the water everyone and tight lines!!!!

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