REEL ROCK 14 debuted a slew of amazing films, and now you can watch them from the comfort of your home.

For a limited time, REEL ROCK is showing feature films from this year’s tour online for free. And because we’re all cooped up at home, now’s the perfect time to watch the great climbing feats of our generation.

REEL ROCK 14 films included “The High Road,” featuring climber Nina Williams, and “The Nose Speed Record,” with climbers Brad Gobright, Tommy Caldwell, and Alex Honnold.

Bottom line: We know quarantine is hard. We can’t be out right now climbing rocks or chasing crazy adventure. But we can watch movies.

Watch the latest free featured film on REEL ROCK’s YouTube channel here:

REEL ROCK will continue to release full films and bonus clips in the coming weeks, so keep checking back on the channel. Hopefully, REEL ROCK will release enough content to quench your climbing fix.

Or purchase the entire REEL ROCK 14 Tour collection here.

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