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Hey Survivalist! Having a good camping experience starts with picking the RITE CAMP SITE! Today I am going to set you straight with the Four W’s of picking a good camp site! Below are four camping tips to help you out.

Wind- Camp near dense foliage to avoid a cold breeze. If you cant avoid the wind, at least make sure your tent is not down wind from your camp fire.

Water- Avoid setting your camp site on hills to protect against the hazard of rain water flowing into your site. Also make sure your camp site is close enough to water that you can easily gather as much as you need.

Wood- Avoid the hazard of Dead Standing tree’s near your site that can blow over at any moment. Also make sure there is the resource of dead wood close by you can use as fire wood.

Widow Makers- Remember to look up before setting up your tent. Make sure there are no dead branches in the canopy above you ready to fall.

BONUS TIPS: If you are in a bug out situation, consider camping in dense tree’s or near evergreens to provide you some level of concealment. Also, do not set your camp site up on a game trail unless you like having animals sniffing around your tent in the middle of the night


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