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We build a bushcraft celtic roundhouse in the forest using hand tools only. In part 1 we collect timber resources, and cut logs ready for the foundations of the bushcraft shelter. The hand tools we will be using for this build are: axe, knife, saw, drawknife and an auger. To begin with we clear a site ready for the construction to begin. We cut a large log using the metre long silky saw. This is to be used for chopping logs. We then re-built our saw horse that we had made in the bushcraft viking house series. We hewed it flat with some wood wedges and axes. Then we made new legs for it. This was also used as a bark peeling jig. We cut 14 logs from the nearby area (all the wood in the immediate area is being forested and we had permission to use these resources). We de-barked the logs and burnt the ends of them. This is an ancient Japanese technique, which helps to make the logs more rot-resistant when they are buried in the ground. These 14 logs will become our vertical posts. The wood we are using is cedar. This is commonly used for Log Cabi building across Europe, especially Scandinavia. It is very rot resistant and although not the hardest of woods, it has proved well when we have built with it in the past. The Celts occupied what we know as Britain over 2,000 years ago. Around the year 500BC. They were incredibly resourceful people and very tribal. Their houses were known as a roundhouse. In the north of England the walls were made with stone, and in the south of Britain they were made with wood as there was more wood available. The roof was thatched and the house had a central firepit with sleeping areas around the outside. This is an important part of British and Irish History and we hope you enjoy joining us on this adventure!
In Part 2 we will continue to build the foundation and start to put together the timber frame. We will also be including cooking, feasts and more adventures! Be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss an episode!

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