Check Out the New First Lite Specter Camo Pattern

OutdoorHub Editor: Keenan Crow   11.05.20

Earlier this week, First Lite announced the addition of a brand new camouflage pattern to their whitetail lineup. The First Lite Specter camo pattern was meticulously designed using First Lite’s nature-based algorithm to distort the human figure, concealing and blending whitetail hunters into the very elements specific to treestand hunting.

If you haven’t already, you should go over to the First Lite website and check out the interactive look at Specter. Not only is it oddly satisfying to see elements of the pattern glow as you scroll up and down the page, but it also gives you a small sample of all the ‘science’ behind building and designing a camo pattern.

For example, below are just some of the design elements First Lite used to create “focal and depth confusion” in their new proprietary whitetail pattern:

–  By carefully utilizing science-based disruptive shapes, Specter has an unmatched built-in sense of depth.

–  The pattern’s elements create focal confusion and disruption that ensure deer are not able to pinpoint the human figure.

–  The contrast and disruptive coloration of Specter also confuse a deer’s peripheral vision, keeping hunters from being exposed.

“Introducing the new standard in treestand concealment, Specter. Developed, tested, and proven over the course of more than two years, Specter was built off the scientific foundation of how whitetail deer see and the environments in which they live. The pattern has been engineered to perform as effectively on the first day of the season as the last, encompassing the incredibly broad spectrum of environments where whitetail deer are pursued.”

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Greg Farrell

First Lite’s Whitetail Product Line Manager and the man behind the development of Specter. Gregg grew up hunting whitetails in Wisconsin and has turned that hunting obsession into a profession. In 2016 he joined the First Lite team as an intern and worked his way onto the Product Team. Four years later, he’s found himself back in Wisconsin working at the forefront of whitetail gear and pattern development.

For more details and information on when you can expect to see First Lite’s new Specter pattern available for purchase, head over to