Sea to Summit Nomad Duffle Bag

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0:17 – Weight + dimensions
0:43 – Wide lid + anti theft zips
1:04 – Magnetic handle keeper
1:15 – Carry modes
2:21 – Tie-down points

The robust construction and clever design are what make the Nomad Duffle Bag from Sea to Summit such a top-notch gear carrier for travel and adventure.

With its durable water-resistant materials, easy to open lid, lightweight padded construction, and magnetic handles for easy grabbing – you’ve got all the features you need for your next trip. And this bag comes in three colours, and four sizes – so there’s something for everyone.

In this video, our travel guru Lisa, takes us through all the features of the Sea to Summit Nomad Duffle Bag. She also shows us how to convert the straps into the three carrying modes: classic duffle, backpack and shoulder sling.

Check out the Nomad Duffle 45L here:

The Nomad Duffle 65L:

And Nomad Duffle 90L:

Or the Nomad Duffle 130L: