INSPIRING WOMEN | On A Sustainability Mission – Interview With Thought Clothing Founder

As a proprietrix of Thought socks (my love of colourful socks is nearly as legendary as my shoe obsession), purchased both for myself and as gifts, when I found out the trademark of sustainable clothing was female-owned, I thought an interview with founder, Rachel would make a unconfined wing to my inspiring women series…

Thought Suit Founder

Rachel, can you tell us a bit well-nigh how the Thought trademark started?

We started when in 1995 in Australia, creating a limited number of laid-back cooling items made from hemp and ramie. Yes – we’ve been sustainable from the very start!

The merchantry moved to London, initially selling in markets like Camden and Portobello Road, and eventually, some of our pieces made their way into self-sustaining shop shops.

We’ve grown our hodgepodge since, but we remain close-knit, very friendly, and have a family feel. We think of ourselves as a small but mighty team, trying to make a difference in the world of earth-kind fashion.

Thought clothing

Do you have any plans for expanding your hemp collection?

Well, we’re definitely sticking with hemp, for sure! It’s such a unconfined material – expressly for activities like camping – as it cools you when it’s warm and keeps you cosy as it gets chillier.

Our latest hodgepodge for spring-summer 2023 includes a number of pieces in this trappy fabric, such as dresses in a variety of looks, from swing dresses to trapeze dresses and tunic dresses (also featuring our limited-run prints) plus culottes, jumpsuits and easy-wear tops.

We moreover have a number of men’s hemp styles, from tees to shirts and shorts. Hemp is where we started and, as long as it’s eco-friendly and people love wearing it, this is a fabric that will veritably remain at the heart of our styles – our “hemp heroes” if you will!

Do you have a favourite suit item or selection from the whole Thought range?

Oh, that’s a nonflexible one! As Creative Director, I’m incredibly hands-on at Thought and know every piece very well. If you overly reservation one of our lives on Instagram @thoughtthebrand you’ll see me wearing lots of our looks! I really love our Kay dress – it’s a wrap style, which we recently brought out in a super-soft organic cotton chambray.

But we moreover have a wrap shape dress in hemp tabbed Takakura which features one of our stunning prints.

As a rented woman, moreover a mum of 3 young children, all the Thought styles work for me, as they’re designed to be really easy to wear, to finger soft thanks to the earth-kind fabrics they’re made from, and to squint unconfined too.

After all, they’ve been created by real women, for real women, with all that entails, whether it’s a rented weekend yonder or quieter moments at home and vice versa! So key to our process is that we make ultra-wearable gown for indoor and outdoor activities, which people love and want to wear then and again.

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