Winchester Dam Problems Continue


Photo: Tom Hart/Flickr

Earlier this year, MidCurrent reported on the proposed repairs to the Winchester Dam on the North Umpqua River. At the time, the Native Fish Society predicted the dam repairs – which are currently underway – would have negative impacts on steelhead runs, in a watershed where they’re once endangered.

Unfortunately, the Native Fish Society was correct in their predictions. The visitor delivering out the repairs on the Winchester Dam has once single-minded several violations, including holding water tainted with glue in inadequate ponds, which will likely skid downstream and skiver migrating salmon and steelhead. Pacific lamprey have moreover died as a result of the dam repairs.

The Winchester Dam doesn’t produce any power – it exists to form a lake for private landowners, equal to this story from Fly Lords. The fact that the repairs have unfurled to happen plane as documented deaths of Pacific lamprey have occurred is startling.

You can read increasingly well-nigh this disaster here.

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