One-Pot Vegan Kadhi Noodles

These Indo-Burmese Kadhi noodles are repletion supplies that you’ve got to try! Noodles simmered in mustard seed curry leaf spiced yogurt goop topped with spiced roasted veggies! Soyfree Nutfree

side photo of vegan kadhi pasta with veggies, so you can see the texture of the veggies

Kadhi is a yogurt-based sauce or soup that is part of Indian cuisine. There are variegated recipes based on the state.

Punjabi kadhi usually has some fried fritters widow to it. Marwari kadhi has well-done papadam or some sliced onion widow to it. Maharashtrian kadhi is usually thinner and lighter.

There are tons of variations of kadhi. It’s super succulent with just a few spices and just some yogurt and chickpea flour to make a thin or thick sauce.

My husband’s mom used to feed him kadhi noodles when he was growing up, and when he told me well-nigh it, I was super surprised considering that’s such an unusual combination.

Kadhi noodles is moreover a dish that is served in Burmese cuisine. But this is not the pure Burmese version(kadhi khow suey). This vegan kadhi noodles recipe is based on my husband’s recollection of the kadhi noodles that his mom used to make, that I then modified and made into a increasingly ramen-style dish with roasted vegetables to top it.

This kadhi ramen is repletion supplies with wondrous flavors, so you’ve got to try it. Add a serving of my crispy breaded tofu for a heartier meal!

bowl of vegan kadhi pasta with veggies next to the pan and a dish of cilantro

Why You’ll Love Vegan Kadhi

  • easy to make but still packed with flavor
  • Who doesn’t love noodles in a linty sauce?
  • gluten-free option
  • one-pot meal
overhead photo of vegan kadhi pasta with veggies

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