Nature Photographer Jie Fischer About What Is Needed For A Photo That Stands The Test Of Time.

How does a well established love for felines prompts venturing to the far corners of the planet and photo nature in a manner that makes visual and profound effect?

To find a solution to that inquiry, I talked with Chinese nature picture taker Jie Fischer. At the NPOTY challenge 2020 she was profoundly praised in the 'Scene' class. Jie loves nature, in spite of the fact that she lives in enormous urban areas for her entire life. She has consistently cherished creatures, particularly felines and sees herself as an insane feline woman encompassed by four felines (haha). What Jie Fischer values in creature connections is the way that there is no tattle, no double-crossing and no cases other than essential necessities. Time to study this rousing and flexible untamed life picture taker.

Jie Fischer experienced childhood in Guangzhou, China. As a youngster, she enjoyed numerous hours in the darkroom with her dad creating photographs in the conventional manner. As a youthful grown-up, Jie left China for Japan and from that point forward she has worked and lived in numerous nations. Jie Fischer presently lives in Weehawken on the Hudson Waterway opposite New York City. Living and going in numerous nations has kept her inquisitive and roused her to improve as a picture taker.


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"My dad was my most memorable motivation. He urged me to snatch the camera and make something. I affectionately review the time we spent together in the darkroom creating highly contrasting photographs. My dad likewise took me to outside exercises and showed me a ton creature conduct.

Lately I have come to see the value in the direction from David Yarrow, Jeffrey Wu, Phillip Chang and Thomas Vijayan. I have been on photograph visits with the majority of them and the way they pre-conceptualized their shots ahead of time, assisted me with getting better in photography.

Being in the wild you likewise need to respond to the components that you go over and particularly Jeffrey Wu is an expert in this. My companion Phillip Chang showed me a great deal about post-handling.

I used to feel that photography is tied in with catching a second. Furthermore, it is, yet it is additionally considerably more. As my experience developed, I found expanding motivation and fulfillment in communicating the agreeable conjunction of people and creatures and the equilibrium in nature, notwithstanding the visual joy that photography brings. That likewise implies that the dangers to which natural life are uncovered, for instance the degree of environment misfortune and environmental change, are best shown by carrying the creatures nearer to the general population. Luckily, I have advanced a great deal more about the creatures' conduct throughout the long term, which is important to get an engaging photograph with influence.

Ultimately, being a natural life photographic artist has assisted me with at long last becoming patient. You can not handle nature, here and there it requires hours to get a decent point, light or posture. I have discovered that once you're out there, you need to rehearse persistence, and presently I'm willing and ready to hang tight for the right second."


Nature photographer Jie Fischer about what is needed for a photo that stands  the test of time. - Nature Photographer of the Year

"I like to be arranged when I go on a photograph trip. This intends that before I go out traveling I read a ton about the region and the natural life set up, take a gander at pictures and study creature conduct to be ready for the unequivocal second. I have some photographs pre-conceptualized and normally these are the most significant photographs for the excursion. Yet, it is likewise vital to have the option to make do, to respond to a circumstance as it happens. Magnificence has numerous appearances and particularly the tough spots can make the best results.

Turning into a decent untamed life picture taker, requires persistence and diligence notwithstanding specialized abilities to at any point catch that outstanding photograph. I suggest picture takers track down motivation by visiting workmanship shows and entering photograph rivalries. In a computerized universe of bountiful substance creation, the closeness and openness of strange substance turns into a game changer for a photograph that endures over the extreme long haul."


"I don't have an unmistakable mark yet, I think an unequivocal and conspicuous style is all in all too much for the level I am at the present moment. However, I would agree that that the manner in which I play with light and the impact of light dissemination that I frequently use in my photos is a repeating trademark. I additionally show the creatures right at home, showing their normal way of behaving, now and again sensational however for the most part kind and delicate.

I will constantly recall my most memorable outing to the African landmass in 2013. I fell head over heels for Africa, captivated by the free and wild nature, yet in addition the somewhat serene concurrence of untamed life and men. I generally need to show the collaboration between creatures, for example, in parent-youngster relations, family movement or hunting, in the image since I favor the visual and close to home effect of these minutes, subsequently making an enduring memory.

The enhanced visualization of aeronautical photographs is altogether different. These photographs give the impression of an oil painting, with the charming allure that it just turns into a photo after looking into it further. One of the photographs that enlivened me to take up ethereal photography was Phillip Chang's photograph of Lake Magadi. The photograph has extraordinary equilibrium, specialized predominance and a charming arrangement that is extremely satisfying to the eye. Now that I practice ethereal photography myself, I comprehend that it is so hard to form well from a quick helicopter, and value this shot much more."


"Most untamed life picture takers are keen on natural life protection. It has a place with the region, in a real sense and metaphorically. I'm obviously no special case. I'm progressively inspired by making our reality more vivid, yet additionally involving my photography as a way to give bits of knowledge and leave a message. I need to pass the magnificence of nature on to help a more cognizant way of behaving towards nature. To accomplish this, understanding into the unique situation and conduct of the creatures I photo is fundamental.

Making mindfulness is the main inspiration for me. Be that as it may, on account of photography to me the excursion is basically as remunerating as the objective. Really intending that for me the delight in making is all around as significant as the impact these photographs ideally have on the watcher."

Photography challenge

Nature photographer Jie Fischer about what is needed for a photo that stands  the test of time. - Nature Photographer of the Year

"I'm a serious individual yet additionally a piece lethargic (haha). Partaking in contest draws out the best in me. I began in little challenges and have been adequately lucky to raise through the positions. Having the option to contend effectively at such lofty challenge like Nature Picture taker Of The Year is very satisfying and makes me extremely glad. To contend effectively, one needs to refine its methods in shooting, after creation and narrating. The challenge likewise assists me with getting propelled and assist me with envisioning my next shot. I can urge everyone to take part. It is the most ideal way to further develop ones range of abilities."

Web-based Entertainment

"I'm glad for the work I do, both according to a stylish perspective and from my commitment to nature preservation. I find it essential to spread my message. That is the reason admittance to the overall population through a stage like IG or FB means a lot to me. In my excursion to improve as a picture taker and to reinforce the photographic artist society, peer survey and acknowledgment are mean a lot to me. I effectively partake in the Visual Society of America (public service announcement)."