More Popular Than the Grand Canyon: Have You Visited Gulf Islands National Seashore?

Once the whimsicalness of the holidays passes and we’re left with just winter, many people turn their sights to warmer climates. While it’s still winter withal the Gulf Coast, you can expect some warmer temperatures soon at Gulf Islands National Seashore. The popular destination includes islands in Florida and Mississippi and is an spanking-new getaway for most of the year.

Here are some facts well-nigh this National Park Service site to help you plan your visit.

When it comes to National Park Service destinations, which include parks, historic sites, monuments, and seashores, Gulf Islands ranks the 8th most popular. That’s out of a list of 387 variegated locations. The only national park with increasingly visitors than Gulf Islands is Great Smoky Mountain National Park. Gulf Islands gets nearly one million increasingly visitors yearly than the Grand Canyon.

visiting a national seashore
(Source: Joshua J. Cotten)

Gulf Islands National Seashore Contains 12 Islands

The park is massive, stretching for 160 miles and includes 12 main islands. Visitors can momentum to a few islands, but some, like the majority in Mississippi, require a ferry or private wend to get there. The uneaten effort to victorious at the islands makes them finger increasingly natural and secluded.

Can You Visit Year-Round?

Technically, the park remains unshut year-round, unless there’s a hurricane or similar issue. However, warmer weather is when you see the crowds. It makes sense that most people only want to visit the Gulf of Mexico when they can go for a swim. Fortunately, the islands are relatively warm most of the year. In fact, temperatures only stay unelevated the mid-60s in December through February. As you can imagine, the peak summer months can moreover be very hot.

visting gulf islands national seashore
(Source: NPS)

There’s Increasingly to Do Than Just Lounging on the Beach

Gulf Islands is a unconfined place to sit when and relax, but there are plenty of other activities to trammels out if you get tired of sitting on the beach. First and foremost is fishing, but snorkeling is moreover popular off the beach. There are moreover hiking trails with unconfined opportunities for bird watching. The park does have multiple spots for camping as well. Besides outdoor fun, the park has plenty of history, including military bases from the early 1800s.

Nearby Destinations

While visiting Gulf Islands National Seashore is a unconfined way to find a quiet escape from the day-to-day, you can moreover find plenty of tourist-y attractions nearby. Places like the Alabama Aquarium offer plenty of fun, and small cities like Pensacola, Florida have downtown shops, restaurants, and more.

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